Limited 5 Year Warranty

I guarantee my knives to be free of defects in materials and craftsmanship, to the original owner.  Signs of normal use (such as wear, scratches, dents) are not covered.  I feel these add character and value to a knife.  This warranty also does not cover product modifications, disassembly, lost fasteners, abuse, neglected maintenance, oxidization or rust.  Warranty date begins with date engraved inside the handle when the knife was created, and not when the knife was sold.  This five year warranty is only for knives after serial number 50.  The first fifty knives sold, still retain the lifetime warranty.

This warranty does not guarantee the durability of natural handle materials which are sometimes used (such as bone, wood, mother of pearl, gemstone, etc.) because as these materials age, they are sometimes subject to a variety of natural processes that I am not able to control, and may shrink, crack, or warp.  


How To Process A Warranty Claim

If you believe your knife is defective in materials or craftsmanship, please contact me before returning your knife, so we can discuss repairs or replacement.  I may, at my option, either repair your knife, or replace it with a new knife.  Follow the warranty return instructions that came with your knife.  Include a copy of your certificate of authenticity.  Ship your knife to me via any common carrier, fully insured, receipt signature required.  I accept no liability for lost items until I sign for the package. 



 Please be sure to contact me before returning any item. I understand that sometimes the wrong bearings may get ordered.  I work very hard to ensure that you get the right caged bearings the first time.  However, if this doesn’t happen, caged bearings may be returned up to seven days after purchase.  You may be charged a restocking fee of 20% for returned caged bearings.  There may also be other charges such as bank fees associated with the return.  All returned caged bearings must be in the same condition as when they were shipped.  Custom made bearings are not returnable.


Knife Availability

Question:  When will your books open?

Answer:  If my books are currently open for custom orders, it will be listed on the website under the category "Pre-Order".  Opening and closing dates are announced in the newsletter.

Custom Order Deposit - (BOOKS CLOSED) $600 pre-order


Question:  How do I get one of your knives?

Answer:  Knives are released on a scheduled date and time disclosed in the newsletter, on a first come first serve (FCFS), or lottery style drop.  You can alternatively join the Maker's Choice Sign Up, to have a chance to purchase a knife.  Joining the Maker's Choice, does not mean you are guaranteed to get a certain specific model knife.  I am a one-man shop owner/operator, not a large production company.  I may also occasionally hold an auction for charity. 


Lead  Times

Question: How long can I be expected to wait when ordering a custom knife?

Answer: Manufacturing lead times varies, but approximately 7 to 8 Weeks.


NFC Cards

Question:  What is the NFC card?

Answer:  The NFC or Near-field communication card is the product of authenticity.  It is a multi-security bank-grade asymmetric encryption authentication solution to prevent counterfeiting knives.  A smart phone is required to read the card.  

It is also the gateway into the blockchain of ownership / warranty registration.



USA Made


Question:  Are the ceramic ball bearings that you use made in the USA?


Answer:  Yes, the actual ceramics ball bearings that I use in my knives and caged bearings are made in Tennessee.  I like to source everything I build from the USA.   Blade steel from Pennsylvania & New York, titanium from California / West Virginia, bronze from TX, hardware Montana…etc.   Even the 550 paracord used for the lanyard is made in the USA.

In the past, I have accepted commissioned knife builds using Damasteel from Söderfors, Sweden, but my preference is for is USA made, powdered metal stainless tool steels.
When you scan a knife’s NFC card with a smartphone and the COA reads 100% USA made and sourced, it means everything.  



Question: If I disassemble my knife will this void the warranty?

Answer:  Yes.  Fasteners are secured with adhesive to prevent loss.  Disassembly or modifications void all warranties expressed or implied.


Maintenance and Care:

Question:  How do I take care of my knife?

Answer:   Don't abuse or disassemble your knife.  Your knife is not a hammer, chisel, or a pry bar, and disassembly may cause damage.  Don't throw your knife.  Keep the blade sharp.  I recommend using a diamond honing sharpening system.   The knife finish will build a seasoned character over time, as the finish wears and shows signs of use.  Carrying the knife separate from keys, coins, and other metal objects in the same pocket will help preserve the finish.

Keep the knife clean, and lightly oiled, or waxed.  I recommend lightly dusting or blowing out internal areas with a "canned air" type cleaning product, or similar.  Then lightly oil the knife with your favorite lubricant, making sure to keep the locking face and blade tang free of lubricant.  If necessary to remove stubborn debris, the all-metal type knives can be hand-washed in soapy water, rinsed with clean water, dried, and then oiled or waxed.  Use a small, cotton-tipped swab and acetone to remove all lubricants or wax from the locking bar and blade tang lockup faces.


Knife Refurbishing/Light Repairs For A Fee

If you prefer I can clean, sharpen, and lube your knife for a nominal fee.  Also for a fee, I can fit and replace lost fasteners, substitute lost pivot screws, and tune your knife.  If your knife has sustained damage from abuse, contact me before sending your knife to determine whether or not I may be able to repair it, and to determine the repair cost.  My time is very limited, this is not an open door policy.  Contact me first, before you ship your knife to me.  Ship via any common carrier, fully insured, receipt signature required.  I accept no liability for stolen or lost items for which I have not signed for.


Modifications And Alterations

Question:  Do you offer altering, re-grinding, or modification services?

Answer:  No, I do not modify knives; however, I offer a re-sharpening service for a nominal fee.  Blades damaged beyond a simple re-sharpening can be replaced for a fee.  See my shipping and return policy.  Contact me concerning availability of blade steel types, engraving, and other blade details.


Do You Offer Layaway?

Yes I do offer a layaway plan on select products; you may pay for your order over a period of 60 days.  You must have a PayPal account, and use the PayPal's Buy Now, Pay Later services.  US Customer's only; can use the Pay in 4 interest-free payments.


Buy Now, Pay Later | Pay in 4 or Pay Monthly Options | PayPal US

US Customers can choose PayPal Later Layaway payment options at checkout.


PayPal Pay in 4 will allow you to finance a purchase between $30 and $1,500 into four interest-free payments via your bank account paid biweekly. The first payment is due at checkout, with the remaining three installments due every two weeks.



International Sales

Question:  Do you accept International orders?

Answer:  Yes, I do from many countries.  However, I do not take orders for countries disallowed by US customs.  I accept orders from countries where flip knives are allowed.  Where flip-type knives are not allowed, I offer a two-handed model without a flipper tab or thumb stud.  I do not ship to freight forwarding companies.  Payment for international orders must be made in form of PayPal or Western Union only.  The customer is responsible for all taxes, and fees, including shipping, and import duties.  Once an exported item clears US Customs, I am no longer responsible if it is lost, seized by importing customs, damaged, or stolen.   Customer is responsible to know the national and local regulations in their country; as it is impossible for me to know the knife statues everywhere.  Customers assume all risk once it leaves US Customs.


Canadian Sales?

Although Canadian Laws allow folding knives under 4", Canadian custom regulations prohibit one-handed opening knives from entering into Canada.  Therefore, my flip knife will not be shipped to Canada. However, I hope to offer a two-handed opening knife design in the future.


 Disclaimer: The information in this FAQ post (“post”) is provided for general informational purposes only, and may not reflect the current law in your jurisdiction. No information contained in this post should be construed as legal advice from Gillian Knives. or the individual author, nor is it intended to be a substitute for legal counsel on any subject matter. No reader of this post should act or refrain from acting on the basis of any information included in, or accessible through, this Post without seeking the appropriate legal or other professional advice on the particular facts and circumstances at issue from a lawyer licensed in the recipient’s state, country or other appropriate licensing jurisdiction.


New York City Sales?

NYC regulations prohibit one-handed opening folding knives.  Therefore, my flip knife will not be sold or shipped to New York City.  Customers located in other parts of the state of New York can contact me to order.


Learn More

Question:  Can you recommend websites concerning knife regulations for my state?

Answer: Here are some helpful resources.





 By placing an order, the buyer acknowledges that he or she is of legal age and that the items ordered will be used in a lawful, responsible manner. I assume no responsibility for any harm or injury resulting from the sale, trade, use, or handling of any item purchased from me. It is the responsibility of the buyer, not the seller, to learn about and obey all applicable international, federal, state, and local regulations regarding the possession, carrying, and/or use of any item purchased.  Consult your local and state regulations before ordering if you are in doubt.