Now on Display at Tamarack WV

Now on Display at Tamarack WV

Posted by Christopher on Jan 16th 2019

I'm proud to announce my knives have passed the jury process, and are now on display, and can be purchased at the Tamarack of WV.  Tamarack: The Best of West Virginia is the nation’s first s … read more
Carbidizing the Lock

Carbidizing the Lock

Posted by Christopher on Nov 22nd 2018

Happy Thanksgiving America !!!What is Carbidizing?  And why do knife makers use it to extend the life of an all titanium frame-lock.Carbidizing is the process of micro welding a layer of tungsten … read more
The Fallen Star Inlay

The Fallen Star Inlay

Posted by Christopher on Aug 23rd 2018

The first inlays are complete.  I recently completed my first inlays.  I filmed and documented the whole process of creating a badge for my knives, and posted the film on my YouTube channel. … read more

Titanium Gear Backspacer Accessory

Posted by The Gillian on Jul 24th 2018

Tonight I finished the new gear design titanium back-spacer.  You can see a video of the new gear back-spacer on tomorrows YouTube video (7-25-18).  I really need to update the online store … read more

The Left Handed Knives Have Arrived.

Posted by The Gillian on Jul 17th 2018

After six weeks of programming, the left-handed knives are now complete.  The first left-handed “Fallen Star” was assembled, flips fabulous, and locks up rock solid.  You can see a sneak pee … read more