My First Blade Show - WIP Left Handed Knives.

Posted by Christopher on Jun 14th 2018

My first Blade Show was a great experience.  I was located in the smaller room, with lots of other new makers.  I met thousands of people, including other makers, collectors, suppliers, purv … read more

Preparing for Blade Show 2018, Atlanta GA June 1-3

Posted by Christopher on May 5th 2018

Happy Cinco de MayoWell sorry that I have neglected the blog, its just come down to crunch time before June 1st,  the Blade Show in Atlanta, GAYou can find me at table 35J near the restrooms, acr … read more
The Knives of January

The Knives of January

Posted by Christopher on Jan 29th 2018

The winter slows everything down, as the snows fall gently, and the earth takes a rest. Imitating this slow living found in nature; come the knives of January. Today as I machined out some new handle … read more

Full Titanium Framelock Prototype | Gilllian Knives

Posted by The Gillian on Dec 2nd 2017

For the last two months (October, and November of 2017), I have been working on an all titanium frame lock design. This is my first frame lock knife, so there have been many hurdles; and the learning … read more

American Tantō Blades | Gillian Knives

Posted by The Gillian on Nov 10th 2017

I spent today programming tantō style blade blanks for the new frame-lock folder.Several end mill were sacrificed, while machining CTS-XHP.You Tube Video Machining Blade Blanks … read more