Educational Knife Making Video - The Handmade Liner Lock

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The Handmade Linerlock


Two hours and twelve minutes educational knife making video created by Christopher Gillian


What will students learn in your course?

How to craft a liner lock for yourself, hobby, or small home business.

Do a “Handmade” liner lock with simple tools, found in garage shops.

Learn how to make liner-locks.

Discover the aerospace materials used.

Better understand what equipment you need.

Discover how to make rock solid locks.

Decide if this hobby is for you.

Learn the proper sequence of the build, and the required tools needed.

Become a more knowledgeable and more well-equipped cutler entrepreneur, or collector.

Save hundreds of dollars from hard learning mistakes, with the general information found here.

Save time and money by learning to make things yourself.



Have an internet connection (essential).

Understand English Language.




Are you an entrepreneur, business owner, or creative artist?


Do you need help learning how to make folders?


This course is a comprehensive overview to help you understand the build process, so you can save money and time by successfully building folders on your own.


Most people are surprised to find out that you don’t need a large shop...  The actual craft is fairly simple and a process we will go over in detail here.


By the end of this course, you’ll be equipped to understand how to make a liner lock, the required supplies, what tools you will need, and of course, learn the step-by-step process of the craft.


For less than the cost of one custom, you’ll be in a great position to save money, and years of hard knocks learning how to make liner-locks the hard way on your own.