Caged Bearings 1/4” pivot (2mm) Bearings - Self-Lubricating Retainer

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0.06 Ounces

 Caged Ceramic Bearings 1/4” pivot.  2mm Bearings (0.0787")

Self-Lubricating Sintered Bronze Retainer Cage is impregnated with SAE 30 oil.

Ceramic balls cannot rust, provide smooth action, and path perfectly around knife pivot.


  • Cage CNC Machined from solid oil-impregnated Sintered Bearing Bronze
  • Self-Lubricating Retainer Cage is impregnated with SAE 30 Oil
  • Ten Hardened 2mm Grade 5, Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) Balls
  • Improved Pathing around the pivot.  ID 0.252” made to fit standard 1/4” pivot barrel.
  • Outside diameter of the cage is 0.493” and fits easily into a 1/2” counterbore
  • Larger diameter cage and increased ball count increases blade support.
  • 100% Made in the USA



  • ID .252"
  • OD .493"


One set equals two individual caged bearings.